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What is socialization?

It is the fundamental process of transmitting culture and social organization to younger generations through different ways - learning the mother tongue, learning to write, acquiring social norms and values, taking on common traditions and beliefs. In this way, all members of a society accept the same fundamental values, use the same rules in establishing interpersonal or social relationships.

Socialization is, therefore, the act of preparing the individual for participation in group life and the common social life. People are trained to become members of family groups, school, work, group of friends, etc., but also for knowing and understanding other groups in which they will never be members, but are obliged to communicate with the - banks, hospitals, police stations, companies, etc.

Socialization necessarily takes place in social interaction, indirect relationships between people. If the deprivation of human relationships is prolonged and expanded, a person's evolution may be slowed down forever.

So, classyasian.com is social media networking. We promote all kinds of inter-human relationships: social, friendship, family/kinship, collaboration, public, intra-community, love relationships, collegiality, etc.

It is a serious, free project where girls and boys, women and men regardless of their marital status can relate, they can meet new people who have shared hobbies, share personal experiences, make new friends online, organize meetings offline, can write articles, share photos, chat for free with each other, etc.

Man is a social being. Relationships are extremely important. We promote relationships between people, beautiful relationships, sincere and healthy relationships, based on common sense and mutual respect.

If you want to support this project, starting from hearts for hearts, please distribute it on your Facebook page, on forums, or anywhere you want.